The ‘End of the Universe Outreach Project’ is the social outreach branch of Hotel at the End of the Universe. Our activities involve coordinating volunteers and supporting the school and children’s home of the Nepali NGO ‘Children of the Universe’. Following the destruction of so many homes due to the earthquake of April 2015, we have furthermore started to help in rebuilding homes local homes.


There is much development work to be done in Nepal in general, including our area from Nagarkot to Bhaktapur. We formed a bridge between those interested in offering their skills to Nepal on the one hand and to our local community on the other, allowing us to give our volunteers truly rich volunteering experiences at local prices. The outreach project thereby aims to make use of local professionals in the fields of development, education, hospitality, cargo, travel and trekking. We hope to offer more than just a ‘filling in the gaps’ approach to our projects. We aim to genuinely develop the places that we let our volunteers work at. In other words, we would rather train the teachers at a school, than only teach the students. To accommodate to all budgets, our packages are basic. We can provide you with information and materials to fundraise for your stay and/or the outreach project. For more information, please contact oasisbhaju@yahoo.com.


We have arranged for locals to be able to take out loans at service charge at local banks to rebuild their homes. 25% of the loan will be excused if building experts judge the newly built home earthquake proof. We furthermore deliver aid (financial and material) to other projects, e.g. the restoration of a government school wall that has collapsed.


The Karuna school (non-profit) focuses on the needs of more than 70 young village children, with a nursery and kindergarten classes. Set in a beautiful spacious green environment in Telkot, the school provides the poorest students with scholarships, while letting capable parents take a financial share in the costs by requesting a minimal yearly school fee. Concerning the play-way method that is used, one of the teachers commented: “I’m so happy to be able to be friendly with the children. They come to us for help and comfort. In our time, we were so scared of our teachers!”. Educational professionals may apply for a special volunteer package! For more information, please contact oasisbhaju@yahoo.com.


Now located in Bhaktapur, the children’s home is the home of 10 children, a house mother and a helper. Various well wishers help the children with their daily homework. The children call each other brother and sister, and the atmosphere is one of a family. The NGO depends on donations to support the home.